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Legal Investigations

Bruun & Hjejle has extensive expertise and experience in investigations carried out for both private businesses and public authorities.

From time to time, all organisations have to handle investigations, which can take various forms. 

The need for an investigation may originate from a whistleblower, the media, an authority, an internal control function or the management of an organisation.

External assistance may be required to carry out internal investigations or conduct interviews. Such assistance may also be necessary in connection with external investigations carried out to establish a course of events and/or make legal assessments. 

Bruun & Hjejle's expertise within investigations is second-to-none, and we have for example been a member of the committee set up by the Council of the Danish Bar and Law Council to prepare the guidelines for legal investigations of 5 September 2022.

Quote by Ole Spiermann

What gets organisations into trouble is what they have done or should have done in the past.

What gets them out of trouble is what they are willing and able to do.”

Ole Spiermann
Ole Spiermann

Bruun & Hjejle has practical experience with the guidelines and best practices for investigations, including the rights of all parties concerned and involved, collection of material, preparation and conduct of interviews, confidentiality and processing of personal data. 

Our independence and integrity are the main pillars of our work, which includes carrying out impartial investigations and always delivering a final product that is factual, objective and not dictated by preconceptions.

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All team members thrive on complexity and sophisticated matters.

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