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Ole Spiermann

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Public and International Law
Ole Spiermann

Ole Spiermann has in recent years been instructed in some of the most comprehensive and complex court and arbitration matters in Denmark, including representation of the major Danish financial institutions. He also has appeared before the European Court of Justice on various occasions.

Ole Spiermann is active in cross-border investigations, often involving cross-border issues, and he acted as lead partner in the investigations into the now terminated portfolio of non-resident customers in the Estonian branch of Danske Bank.

Ole Spiermann’s practice areas also include public law and criminal law. He was a member of the Inquiry Commission on Tibet as well as the Scrutiny Commission on mink. Moreover, he is active in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Ole Spiermann is former professor of international law at the University of Copenhagen. He was awarded the University of Copenhagen’s gold medal in 1994 and the PhD degree from the University of Cambridge in 2000.

Ole Spiermann is chairman of the board of directors of Bruun & Hjejle.

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