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Our cookie policy

Our website uses cookies if you consent to their being stored in your browser in connection with your visit to the website. You will be asked to give your consent the first time you visit the website and subsequently if you have previously declined consent.

If you consent and subsequently visit the website again from the same browser, you will not be asked for consent again. This means that cookies will also be stored in your browser in connection with any subsequent visits. You can always withdraw your consent by selecting “Delete cookies” as described below.

What are cookies

A cookie is a small data file, which is used to recognise the electronic terminal equipment that you use when visiting a website. Your terminal equipment can for instance be your computer, smartphone or tablet. By recognising your terminal equipment, we can collect important data on whether you have visited the website before.

Cookies cannot identify you directly as an individual user but rather the electronic terminal equipment you have used, but your equipment is also considered personal data about you.

Some cookies are temporary and will be deleted as soon as you close your browser. They are called session cookies. Other cookies are stored on your terminal equipment for a longer period of time. They are called permanent cookies.

Bruun & Hjejle's cookies 

We place and use cookies on your terminal equipment when you use our website. This type of cookies is called first-party cookies.

Our cookies are placed and used for the following purpose:

  • Improving usability by loading the page simpler and faster

We cooperate with a web agency, which places cookies on the terminal equipment on behalf of Bruun & Hjejle when you visit our website. The web agency is our data processor.

How to delete or avoid cookies

If you have consented to our use of cookies but wish to withdraw your consent, you can delete them by clicking here: Delete cookies.

If you do not want any cookies to be stored on your IT equipment, you can block cookies in your browser settings.


If you have any questions about the cookies we use or our cookie policy, please feel free to contact us:

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