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Business Support

Business Support is a key component in the operation and development of Bruun & Hjejle. As an employee with Business Support, you will work in one of seven departments that are key to enabling our legal specialists to focus on their core skills and provide top-tier advisory services to our clients.

As a member of the Business Support team, you will work closely with some of Denmark’s most talented legal minds and specialists. You will play an important role in growing our business so that Bruun & Hjejle may retain its position as one of Denmark’s leading law firms. You will work in a professional organisation with strong social DNA and have the opportunity to embark on a steep learning curve. 

Business Support provides advice and guidance and acts as a service organisation for the core business of our legal services and plays an important role in the day-to-day operations and development of our firm. The services provided by Business Support are characterised by interdisciplinary collaboration, excellent service and a high level of quality. Business Support provides services in different areas: HR, IT and Knowledge, Communications and Marketing, Language, Kitchen and Service, Events, Business Development, Finance and Compliance and Billing Administration.


As an employee with Business Support, you will support the business within your particular field of expertise. Your contribution is very valuable and allows our legal specialists to concentrate fully on legal tasks. Your tasks may be focused on operations or development, depending on your position and department. If you work in HR, your tasks may include recruitment, staff handling and execution of courses and in-house training programmes. If you work in Communications and Marketing, your tasks may include a wide variety of communication and graphical assignments. In our Business Development team, you may get to work with process optimisation, strategy and development projects across the business, and if you are assigned to our Service team, you will help ensure that our clients and employees always get highly professional, premier service. Among Business Support’s many projects is the firm’s work with ESG and the redesign of our in-house training programme for legal specialists.

Careers at Bruun & Hjejle

Professional and personal development plays an important role for an employee’s well-being and motivation, and we give high priority to offering our Business Support employees attractive development opportunities. As a result, we have replaced the traditional performance and development interview with dialogue meetings held two to four times annually. The dialogue meetings are intended to ensure that your learning is relevant, purposeful and never stands still. At the dialogue meetings, we work with personal development plans which are tailored specifically to your needs to ensure that you acquire the tools and skills you need, for example in the form of courses, training programmes or relevant tasks.