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We provide high-level expert advice in all areas of FinTech.

For many years, we have been committed to the digitalisation of the financial sector. We operate in a complex regulatory environment that requires a deep understanding of national and international legislation in an industry that is particularly affected by rapid technological developments. We provide regulatory compliance advice and help our clients navigate complex regulatory requirements and obligations.

We have a dedicated, multi-disciplinary FinTech group made up of experts with extensive experience in a range of legal areas. By working together across departments, we are able to maintain a rigorous and high quality in our solutions.

Quote by Kasper Laustsen

With a deep understanding of the complex regulatory landscape of the financial sector and rapid technological developments, we are able to guide our clients through the FinTech world, focusing on both legal and commercial needs.

Kasper Laustsen
Associeret partner
Kasper Laustsen

We understand the complexities and challenges that companies in the FinTech sector are facing. Our experience covers a wide range of legal areas relating to starting a business, the handling of personal data, financing and collaborations.

Quote by Client testimonial

Bruun & Hjejle are very structured and good at balancing when there is a need to bring suggestions and when to reach out to the client - they're always very responsive when contacted.

Client testimonial
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