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FDI & Foreign Subsidies

We advise Danish and foreign clients on all aspects of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

The Danish FDI rules restrict the possibilities for foreign businesses and individuals to acquire ownership interests and voting rights in or similar control over Danish businesses within certain sensitive sectors.

The FDI rules have a significant impact on who may invest in a Danish business – and to whom owners may sell their Danish business. 

Our experienced specialists assist Danish and foreign clients in preparing effective FDI strategies so that they can navigate the complex regulatory framework applying to international investments. We optimise deal certainty and ensure that the FDI rules do not unduly delay the transaction process or exclude investors from participating in it.

We assist with Danish and multinational FDI screenings in cooperation with top international legal experts. We handle pre-screenings and notify investments in accordance with the mandatory and voluntary Danish notification rules. We also advise tenderers in connection with tender processes governed by the FDI rules.

Quote by Frederik André Bork

We have assisted some of the largest players throughout highly complex FDI processes – both multinational investors and sellers focusing on an efficient buying/selling process.

Frederik André Bork
Frederik André Bork

We also advise Danish and foreign clients on all aspects of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR).

We assist in FSR screenings and notify the Commission of mergers subject to the FSR. We help clients respond to FSR enquiries from the Commission and assist in case of inspections. We also advise tenderers in tender processes governed by the FSR.


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It is a very pragmatic and knowledgeable team.

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