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We provide expert advice on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and sustainability initiatives across legal disciplines.

Bruun & Hjejle has experts in a wide range of ESG areas and we work closely together across teams and disciplines to ensure the best possible advice for our clients.

Our advisory services cover areas such as:

  • Green bonds and sustainable finance 
  • ESG compliance and implementation in relation to e.g. the Taxonomy Regulation, the Disclosure Regulation and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) 
  • Disclosure and reporting obligations
  • Green marketing and the ban on greenwashing
  • Sustainable construction and climate requirements
  • Environmental regulations and standards
  • Energy labelling and certification to international sustainability standards (DGNB and LEED)
  • Property portfolio reporting, including measurement of energy consumption and targets for energy renovations
  • Social clauses in connection with tenders for contracts
  • Renewable energy sources, e.g. photovoltaic systems and heating and cooling systems, including organisation in energy communities and tax issues when connecting to Energinet
  • Sustainability in real estate transactions
  • Sustainability of commercial leases
  • Green energy transition to renewable energy
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Energy-As-A-Service
  • Resource optimisation and delivery terms
  • Green energy pipe systems and infrastructure
  • Employment and working conditions
  • Whistleblower schemes
  • Developing and updating relevant ESG policies for companies, including for working practices and incentive structures
  • Sustainability in the context of procurement and competition law 
  • Insurance and liability
  • Disputes and investigations

Quote by Josefine Movin Østergaard

"Successful ESG consulting is not just about meeting standards, but also about creating meaningful change and business opportunities."

Josefine Movin Østergaard
Josefine Movin Østergaard

Quote by Legal 500 Green Guide

“Active across green infrastructure and real estate, renewable energy, sustainable finance, and climate change litigation, full-service law firm Bruun & Hjejle makes a broad commitment to the green transition of the Danish economy.”

Legal 500 Green Guide