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Our People

Where other firms assign lawyers, we assign a team of legal experts

Our People

We bring together the best legal minds to service our clients as a seamless team. Our attorneys are highly specialized and continuously advise on some of the most significant cases within their respective fields. To find out more, search for a specific advisor below.

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Adrian Fritze SimonsenPrivate EquityLegal Intern
Alexander Højrup-Johansen
Alexander Koks AndreassenAssistant Attorney
Alexander MünterCapital Markets, M&AAssistant Attorney
Alexandra MoraisCompetition and EULegal Intern
Amalie Kjær HassagerAttorney
Amalie Krabbesmark HøjgaardLaw student
Andreas BøghM&A, Real Estate and ConstructionAttorney
Andreas Meldgård KrogenEmploymentAssistant Attorney
Andreas NielsenCapital Markets, M&APartner
Andreas Riis MadsenCompetition and EULegal Intern
Andreas StaurData Protection, IPAttorney, Senior Manager
Anette DetlefsenService manager
Anette LonsdaleReal Estate and ConstructionAttorney, Senior DirectorÅ Banking and Financial Services, Å Real Estate
Anke HendriksenEmployment, M&AAssistant Attorney
Anna Bonne RasmussenData Protection, IPAssistant Attorney
Anna de Vos-ZehngraffData Protection, EmploymentAssistant Attorney
Anne Hansine NielsenCompetition and EU, EmploymentAssistant Attorney
Anne Hjelm DybroProject Assistant
Anne-Sofie Kjeldbjerg BendtsenLaw Student, knowledge management
Anne-Sophie Bech ChrillesenService Coordinator
Annette SommerKitchen Assistant
Annie Fromberg NielsenProject Assistant - Property registration
Anton SecherReal Estate and ConstructionLegal Intern
Aurore PerleauM&A, Private EquityAvocat au Barreau de Bruxelles, Senior Manager
Bent Bille Brahe SelbyM&AAssistant Attorney
Bernhard PauluzziChef
Birgitte A. LauritzenHR Consultant
Birgitte ToxværdData ProtectionAttorney, Senior Director
Camilla Hee WilleReal Estate and ConstructionAttorney, Senior Director
Camille HejdemannLegal Intern
Carina Lucas-SennenwaldtProject Assistant - GDPR
Caroline Stjernstrøm NielsenBanking and Finance, Dispute ResolutionAttorney, Senior Director
Caroline Søltoft FriisEmploymentLegal Intern
Casper TingleffDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Catharina Anna TroenCorporate, IP, Information Technology, MediaAssistant Attorney
Cathrine Rømer ChristensenDispute Resolution, Real Estate and ConstructionAttorneyÅ Insurance, Å Oil and Gas, Å Real Estate
Cathrine WenzzelTaxAssistant Attorney
Cecilie BækgaardLegal Intern
Cecilie HermansenM&ACommercial Law Associate
Charlotte ChristensenProject Coordinator
Charlotte GöteReal Estate and ConstructionLegal Intern
Charlotte Tenna BitschLaw student
Christian DonsIT Supporter
Christian EichenAttorney, Senior Manager
Christian Hoelgaard OlsenHead of IT
Christian Høgh ColdReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Christian JohansenDispute Resolution, Real Estate and ConstructionPartner
Christian Rode RøygaardLaw student
Christian SahlertzBanking and FinanceAttorney, Senior Manager
Christian Schow MadsenM&A, Real Estate and ConstructionPartner
Christian Taksøe-VesterDispute ResolutionAttorney
Christian ÅnerudM&AAssistant Attorney
Christoffer Bennike RønningTaxAssistant Attorney
Christoffer Borreby-RiberLegal Intern
Christoffer HennebergPrivate EquityAssistant Attorney
Christopher Urban HoffmannEmploymentLegal Intern
Christopher ÅngstrømReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant AttorneyÅ Real Estate
Clara Juul HolmDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Claus Høeg MadsenEnergy and Infrastructure, Restructuring and InsolvencyAttorney
Curtis JosephChef
Ditte BurgaardPrivate EquityCommercial Law Associate
Ditte Gemmer KristiansenReal Estate and ConstructionLegal Intern
Ditte Nordkild JonassenDispute Resolution, Public LawAttorney
Dorte Skytte RasmussenInformation Specialist
Elise Ross-HansenData Protection, Dispute Resolution, EmploymentPartner
Emil Hedegaard MikkelsenBanking and FinanceAttorney
Emil Hedegaard PirchertDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Emil Lund LauritzenDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Emil Skovbo GertsenLaw student
Emil Thalund BollLegal Intern
Emilie Christiane StougaardBanking and FinanceAssistant Attorney
Emilie Lund-AndersenLaw student
Emilie Mathilde ThiimService Coordinator
Erik Banner-VoigtTaxPartner
Fabio DonadoniSouschef
Flemming Strømme MartinussenEmploymentAttorney, Senior Director
Frederik André BorkCompetition and EUPartner
Frederik RosenbeckFinancial Controller
Georg CantorLaw student
Gitte KanstrupProject Assistant
Gregers GamCorporate, Real Estate and Construction, TaxAttorney, Director
Gregers KongstadLegal Intern
Heidi SperlingM&AAttorney, Director
Helle Lehmann StaunManaging Director COO
Helle Nørby KristensenM&AAttorney, Director
Helle OlsenProject Coordinator
Henriette BjergReal Estate and ConstructionPartner
Henrik DahlBanking and Finance, Private ClientsPartner
Henrik Selchau PoulsenReal Estate and Construction, Restructuring and InsolvencyPartner
Ida KjølbyeBanking and Finance, M&AAttorney
Ida Nordholm-CarstensenLegal Intern
Ida Sofie KøbkeReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Ingrid Roll SchjønningCompetition and EUAssistant Attorney
Jacob Goul SørensenReal Estate and Construction, Restructuring and InsolvencyAssistant Attorney
Jakob DolmerLaw student
Jakob Echwald SevelBanking and Finance, Capital MarketsPartner
Jakob Kofoed LarsenReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Jakob LaudrupMessenger
Jakob LentzDispute Resolution, IP, Private ClientsPartner
Janne ArdalFinance Assistant
Jeppe BredtoftDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Jeppe SkadhaugeCompetition and EU, Dispute Resolution, Energy and Infrastructure, International Law, Public LawPartner
Jesper Schultz LarsenCapital Markets, M&A, Private EquityPartnerÅ Banking and Financial Services, Å Business Services, Å Food, Beverages and Ingredients, Å Healthcare, Å Information Technology, Å Media, Å Oil and Gas, Å Renewables, Å Retail, Å Telecoms
Joey HeidelbachDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Johan Frederik DohlmannProject Assistant
Johannes HedegaardDispute Resolution, Restructuring and InsolvencyAttorney
Johannes Malmvig JensenAssistant Attorney
Johannes Wieth-KlitgaardLegal Intern
Jonas Køster MadsenLegal Intern
Jonas Thøger SkjødtData Protection, IPAssistant Attorney
Jonatan StrenovPrivate EquityAttorney, Director
Josefine Movin ØstergaardDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Josephine Bloch JensenCorporate, IP, Information Technology, MediaAssistant Attorney
Josephine HarritMessenger
Julie AasandDispute ResolutionLegal Intern
Julie Hjelmsø KoefodIT Project Coordinator
Julie LeonhardtLegal Intern
Julie LevinTaxAttorney, Senior Manager
Julie StageTaxAssistant Attorney
Karin Klint HenriksenHead of Finance
Karsten KristoffersenBanking and Finance, Capital Markets, Dispute ResolutionManaging Partner
Katrine Emilie RiseFinance Assistant
Katrine Schwenger GrønborgProject Assistant
Kenni Svanholm JensenM&AAssociate Partner
Kim ChristensenService Assistant
Kristian KaagBanking and FinanceAssistant Attorney
Kristine GlahnBanking and FinanceAssistant Attorney
Lars ChristensenBilling Coordinator
Lars Kongsgaard HansenM&A, Private Equity, Restructuring and InsolvencyAttorney, Senior Manager
Lasse MikkelsenBanking and Finance, Dispute ResolutionAttorney
Lau HindrichsenLegal Intern
Laurits Greve HoldtReal Estate and ConstructionAttorney
Li Bjørnskov FischerProject Assistant
Line HodgesService Coordinator
Lisa Provstgaard LassenProject Assistant
Lisaf QurashiM&A, Private Equity, TaxAttorney
Lisbeth MohrTranslator
Lise TroelsenDispute ResolutionAttorney, Senior Manager
Lone WichmannHead of HR
Lotte Marie DirksenDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Louise BossenReal Estate and ConstructionAttorney, Director
Louise Frikov-PetersenCapital Markets, M&AAttorney, Senior Director, Resp. Knowledge Mngt.
Louise Koldby HeldData Protection, Dispute Resolution, EmploymentAttorney
Louise RylanderInformation Specialist
Louise Sophia Holst LarsenDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Mads Evald-ScheldeDispute ResolutionLegal Intern
Mads OdgaardLegal Intern
Maj TellefsenProject Assistant
Maj-Britt Lindemann BorgProject Assistant - Insolvency
Margrethe Dalsgaard MøllerAssistant Attorney
Maria FlindtReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Maria HermannDispute Resolution, Energy and Infrastructure, Life ScienceAssistant Attorney
Maria SigReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Maria V. NielsenFinance Assistant
Marianne SchøllerMarketing & Communications consultant
Marie Louise Winther LøgstedReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant AttorneyÅ Real Estate
Marie SejthenAttorney, Director
Martin HolckCapital Markets, Private EquityAssistant Attorney
Mathias Sachse SkrubbeltrangM&AAssistant Attorney
Mathilde StigaardBanking and FinanceAssistant Attorney
Mejse WaabenBilling Coordinator
Mette Georg JensenCompetition and EUAssistant Attorney
Mette JensenProject Assistant
Mette Leth ThomsenReal Estate and Construction, Restructuring and InsolvencyAttorney
Mia CedergreenMessenger
Mia ValsboHR Student
Michelle Boysen PedersenHR Student
Mick Friis HansenBilling Coordinator
Mikkel Dalgas RasmussenCompetition and EUAssistant Attorney
Mikkel Søeby WedervangBilling Coordinator
Mogens EbelingCapital Markets, M&APartner
Mogens ThorningerEnergy and Infrastructure, M&A, Private EquityPartner
Morten Hyldgaard SchulzData Protection, Dispute Resolution, EmploymentAttorney, Senior Manager
Morten JensenCapital Markets, M&A, Private EquityPartnerÅ Banking and Financial Services, Å Business Services, Å Capital Goods, Å Food, Beverages and Ingredients, Å Healthcare, Å Information Technology, Å Insurance, Å Logistics and Transportation, Å Oil and Gas, Å Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Å Real Estate, Å Renewables, Å Retail, Å Shipping, Å Telecoms
Morten LeenReal Estate and ConstructionAttorney, Director
Morten Lundby PedersenLaw student
Morten StadilCorporate, Information Technology, M&A, MediaPartner
Nathalie KjeldeLegal Intern
Nathalie Ladegaard NellemannLegal Intern
Nicklas MalmbergData ProtectionLegal Intern
Nicolai LyM&ALegal Intern
Nicolaj KleistEnergy and Infrastructure, Life Science, Public LawPartner
Nicolas BahamondesLegal Intern
Nicoline Andsbjerg VandborgHR Coordinator
Nicoline Markholst PhilipLaw student
Nicoline SandDispute Resolution, Energy and Infrastructure, Life Science, Public LawAttorney
Niels Dam Dengsøe PetersenReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Niels Gravengaard NielsenIT Supporter
Nikolaj Mølgaard Blicher JepsenReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Nikolaj TornsbergMessenger
Nina LangkjærExecutive Secretary
Nina RossiHead Chef
Olaf KoktvedgaardCompetition and EU, Dispute Resolution, MediaPartner
Ole SommerlundM&AAssistant Attorney
Ole SpiermannDispute Resolution, International Law, Public LawPartner
Paula GrønlundM&AAttorney
Per MagidDispute Resolution, International Law, Public LawAttorney
Pia Kirstine VoldmesterData Protection, IPPartner
Ramesh AdhikariKitchen Assistant
Rasmus BudtzCorporate, M&AAttorney
Rasmus EstrupDispute ResolutionLegal Intern
Rasmus MarvitsHR Consultant
Rasmus MoliinCorporate, Real Estate and Construction, Restructuring and InsolvencyAttorney, Senior Manager
Rasmus RichMessenger
Rasmus SkovDispute Resolution, Real Estate and ConstructionAttorney, Senior Manager
René SchønbeckIT System Administrator
Samuel O'Doherty JensenM&AAttorney, Senior Manager
Samuel WolduM&A, Private EquityAssistant Attorney
Sandra JensenLaw student
Sara Krogsgaard-HjorthTranslator
Sarah GahrnData Protection, IPAttorney
Sheila Raja MashirRestructuring and InsolvencyAssistant Attorney
Signe BendorffCompetition and EU, Dispute ResolutionAttorney, Director
Simon AlbrechtsenLegal Intern
Simon KroghM&A, Private EquityPartner
Sissel Hjortholm SteinickeDispute ResolutionAttorney
Sofie Aarosin TherkildsenData ProtectionAssistant Attorney
Sofie Nyboe NorskerHR Consultant
Søren DamgaardReal Estate and ConstructionPartner
Søren KoppM&A, Real Estate and Construction, Restructuring and InsolvencyPartner
Søren Lehmann NielsenTaxPartner
Søren ZinckCompetition and EUPartner
Stina Minden-WeidekampGraphic Designer
Syss SichelkowEvent Coordinator
Theis JacobsenAssistant Attorney
Therese Eilskov Lundmark JensenCompetition and EULegal Intern
Therkel BrinthReal Estate and Construction, Restructuring and InsolvencyAssistant Attorney
Thomas EnevoldsenCorporate, IP, Information Technology, M&A, MediaAttorney
Thomas SkjellerupBanking and FinancePartnerÅ Banking and Financial Services
Tina ErichsenReal Estate and ConstructionAssistant Attorney
Tine Marie Bodholdt RasmussenCompetition and EUAttorney
Tobias HjelmCompetition and EU, Information TechnologyAttorney, Director
Tobias NykvistLaw student
Tobias ThomsenDispute ResolutionAssistant Attorney
Trine KahrM&AAssistant Attorney
Ulrich Christian TyndeskovData Protection, IPLegal Intern
Ulrik Høyer JohansenData ProtectionAssistant Attorney
Ulrik Kloss FennebergBanking and Finance, Capital Markets, M&AAssociate Partner
Ulrik Simoni MärcherProject Coordinator
Ulrik Vinther AnkerstjerneIT Student
Victoria Faber StuhrCorporate, IP, Information Technology, MediaAssistant Attorney
Viktor SvenningMessenger
Vilhelm PoulsenDispute ResolutionAttorney, Senior ManagerÅ Banking and Financial Services, Å Oil and Gas
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