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About us

We take pride in supporting each other

About us

We are a leading Danish law firm for complex transactions and disputes partnering with leading clients.

Our strategic focus is on M&A, Real Estate and Dispute Resolution.


An advokatpartnerselskab with 30 partners managed by the Board of Directors consisting of Mogens Thorninger, Chairman of the Board, Christian JohansenOle SpiermannAndreas Nielsen, Karsten KristoffersenChristian Schow Madsen, Jesper Schultz Larsen and Elise Ross-Hansen as well as Karsten Kristoffersen, Managing Partner, Helle Lehmann Staun, COO and Lone Wichmann, Head of HR.

Our office

Our office is located in the centre of Copenhagen in the historical building known as “Telefonhuset”. The building was designed by architect Jens Ingwersen and for nearly 100 years it was the headquarters of the Danish telecom operator company known as TDC.

In 2009 and 2010 the building was immaculately restored and furnished to accommodate a dynamic law firm, while maintaining its classical charm and historical details.