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The ability to attract and retain highly skilled employees is a cornerstone of our business. We therefore strive to set up the best possible environment for our employees, so they can focus on performing to their very best every day.

We owe our success to our employees. It is therefore important to us to offer attractive employment terms and to create an attractive workplace in order to continue to be able to attract and retain the most talented employees. On this page, we provide an overview of our employment terms, including our salary, pension and maternity/paternity terms and other employee benefits.

Competitive salary and pension scheme

Bruun & Hjejle offers all legal specialists competitive fixed salaries and all law and commercial law students top-market hourly wages. In addition, we offer a bonus scheme for all attorneys, commercial lawyers, assistant attorneys and commercial law associates to remunerate extraordinary, value-creating work. We offer all our Business Support employees a salary according to qualifications, experience and job content and an annual interview to discuss adjustment of terms, including salary and miscellaneous benefits. 

All permanent employees at Bruun & Hjejle are automatically enrolled in Bruun & Hjejle’s competitive, mandatory pension scheme. For hourly paid employees, law and commercial law students and students working in Business Support, enrolment in the pension scheme is voluntary. 


Bruun & Hjejle has taken out health insurance through Danica Pension, providing speedy access to treatment at private hospitals and from other treatment providers should you fall ill or become injured in an accident. The cover also includes emergency psychological counselling, treatment abroad, the option of a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment and the chance to speak to a professional counsellor if a family member falls ill. 

Bruun & Hjejle has taken out personal accident insurance with Codan covering all employees. The personal accident insurance enables you to claim for expenses for specialist treatment and financial assistance for other expenses, such as change of residence or cover on death. The insurance cover applies 24/7, whether you are on or off duty. 


We comply with the Danish Holiday Act, giving all employees the right to take five weeks’ holiday during the holiday year. In addition, you continuously accrue up to five discretionary days off. Discretionary days accrued but not taken will be disbursed when you leave the firm. 

Maternity/paternity leave

It is crucial to us that all employees are given the opportunity to unlock their full potential. This invariably also requires a good setting for family life. We have therefore taken an important step towards improving the right settings for gender equality. After a fruitful dialogue with our employees, we have, as the first law firm in Denmark, introduced a new maternity/paternity scheme for the firm’s employees. Under the scheme, all employees, regardless of gender, will be offered 24 weeks’ paid maternity/paternity leave. 

Interviews during maternity/paternity leave

We fully appreciate that we are all different as individuals, and we do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. This mindset is expressed in our approach to employees and employee development. Some employees will want to maintain regular contact with Bruun & Hjejle during their maternity/paternity leave, while others prefer a solution with less contact. In the period up to the leave, all employees regardless of gender will be contacted to arrange the type of contact schedule they prefer during their maternity/paternity leave. This initiative is intended to contribute to employees enjoying their leave, while still feeling that they are a part of the Bruun & Hjejle community. At the same time, it helps ensure a good transition from a working life without children to one with children. 

Employee benefits

We offer a range of employee benefits, a selection of which is listed here:

  • In-house health scheme (massage, physiotherapy and occupational therapy)
  • Canteen scheme in a class of its own – our skilled kitchen staff make sure that we are all fuelled by healthy and sustainable food. Employees are invited to sign up for our breakfast and lunch schemes. The kitchen also prepares dinner for employees working after 6.30 p.m.
  • Business travel cards for bus, train and metro, which Bruun & Hjejle purchases and provides to employees against deduction from their gross salaries 
  • Parking at Q-Park – Bruun & Hjejle pays for a parking space against deduction from the employee’s gross salary 
  • Supplementary training – employees may enter into a leave and salary adjustment agreement, for example to cover tuition fees and rent in connection with student exchanges abroad 
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Dry-cleaning scheme