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Public and International Law

Complex transactions and disputes often contain elements that require specialised advice on administrative law.

We have a year-long tradition of advising companies, public authorities and foreign governments in these particular circumstances. We are therefore engaged in foreign investment matters, special international law issues and complexes involving the special legal situation concerning Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

We have considerable experience with the specific legal aspects relating to public law and the public sector, and we are regularly appointed to perform duties in connection with legal investigations and commissions of enquiry. We work across the firm’s various areas of expertise so that we can deliver the best possible advice to each individual client.

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We contribute with expert knowledge to, for instance, committees and investigations established by the Ministry of Justice and other public authorities. That provides us with an insight that works to the advantage of our clients.

Ole Spiermann
Ole Spiermann

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Has had a strong position in Public Law for decades.

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