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Procurement law

We provide advice within all aspects of EU and Danish public procurement law. We have extensive experience in assisting tenderers and contracting entities from the beginning to the end of the tendering process and in commencing proceedings before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement and the courts.

The procurement rules provide an objective, fair and non-discriminatory framework for the procurement of goods and services by public authorities and can have a decisive impact on who is awarded public contracts.

We have an experienced and specialised team that advises private players on the submission of tenders, the negotiation and conclusion of contracts and the handling of any complaints. We analyse the tender documents, including technical descriptions, pricing and qualification documentation, and develop the best tender strategy for the tenderers.

We also help contracting entities choose the best public procurement strategy and ensure a well-thought-out solution for the overall procurement process. We prepare tender documents, evaluate tenders and project manage the tender process to ensure that the contracting entity's procurement is as competitive as possible and to avoid complaints.

Quote by Frederik André Bork

Our team has in-depth knowledge of procurement processes and has assisted in a wide range of tenders in sectors such as energy, construction, utilities and transport – to name but a few.

Frederik André Bork
Frederik André Bork

We advise tenderers in tender processes governed by the Danish Investment Screening Act (the FDI rules) and the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (the FSR).

We also advise on the sale of real estate by state and municipal entities, for example in connection with the implementation of a development project.

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The lawyers have strong experience with complex cases.

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