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Our culture and values

At Bruun & Hjejle, we are not afraid to do things differently or in new ways. We believe that the sum of our skills, seniority, personalities and the different perspectives contributed by every member of our team are what create results for our clients. We are ambitious on behalf of our employees who rank among the best in their fields, but the road to success at Bruun & Hjejle is paved with collaboration.

We see things a little differently at Bruun & Hjejle. Given the direction that the world has taken, we are not afraid to openly acknowledge that even the most experienced partner cannot maintain an overview of the broad perspectives and at the same time know all the tiny details. That is why we work in teams, and our ability to collaborate across many fields and employee groups is key to providing exceptional service and developing the best solutions for our clients. 

Our teamwork is dynamic and aligned with the individual client and assignment. At Bruun & Hjejle, you become a member of a carefully selected team. We are ambitious, and our lawyers were all among the best during their studies. However, individual ambitions must never overshadow the ability to work as a member of a team. At Bruun & Hjejle, we like to say that 'team comes before ego', and every day, we experience an immense release of energy in the individual teams as we succeed together.  

The professionalism of our teams is backed by strong solidarity nurtured through joint participation in many professional and social events, both for the entire firm and for the individual departments and employee groups.

Our values

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Reliability is completely fundamental to our client relationships and our relationships with each other. At our firm, we see equality and respect for each other as a natural and necessary aspect of solving problems together. Recognition of the individual as a valued member of the community gives you the confidence to show who you are and stand by your word. In the end, it fills our clients with trust and confidence. 


Who would not want a highly skilled lawyer and the best possible advice in every thinkable situation? You would be hard pushed to find someone who does not. Unsurprisingly, we are also of the opinion that the highest professional standards and first-class commercial insight are the appropriate foundation for a law firm. 


Talent, dedication and commitment are necessary if you want to move up in the world. But we believe that courage is at least as important. That is why we have the courage to advise our clients on which path to choose, instead of just presenting them with the different consequences of choosing one or the other path. 

Team before ego

We prioritise creating high performance teams rooted in strong purpose, great commitment, and a high degree of trust. We cultivate community and emphasise specialisation, knowledge sharing and long-term client focus, all in an empathetic, respectful, and engaging work environment.

Dedicated performance

Our culture is built on dedication. To our clients, our business and each other. We know that every team member contributes to strengthening our culture and creating a successful collaboration with both colleagues and clients, enabling us to work purposefully and solve our clients' legal and business challenges.