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Liv Helth Lauersen

  • Construction
  • Dispute Resolution
  • ESG
Liv Helth Lauersen

Liv Helth Lauersen is a leading profile in construction and contract law and has extensive experience advising domestic and international clients. She has more than 20 years of experience in arbitration cases and disputes in the building and construction industry and has overseen some of the most significant cases in recent times, including the MgO complex, which represents the largest building scandal in many decades.

Liv has extensive experience in some of the most prolonged and complicated arbitration cases relating to the largest construction and infrastructure projects in Denmark. Together with her team, Liv advises Danish and international clients in the construction industry (developers, housing associations, contractors, advisors, etc.) on contract preparation, disputes during execution, and the handling of disputes in settlement negotiations, court proceedings, arbitration cases, etc. She also frequently works in the borderland between construction and project development.

Liv advises on the selection of suitable contract forms, which ensure that both requirements for digitalization, sustainability, and collaboration are met. She continuously advises parties in the construction industry on the disagreements that can arise in a construction project with the aim of resolving these disagreements at the lowest possible conflict level.

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