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Law and commercial law students

Taking on a student job at Bruun & Hjejle gives you the opportunity to become an employee of a leading law firm. We give high priority to your professional and social development. You will be part of a strong team of student employees and have a dedicated mentor assigned, who will be responsible for your learning and for guiding you through all sorts of tasks in the field of law.

Whether you are a law student or a commercial law student, an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, we have a position for you. At Bruun & Hjejle, you will be a member of a strong, close-knit team of students completing tasks across many fields. Working at Bruun & Hjejle, you have a unique opportunity to experience all aspects of working in the legal profession.

Recruitment process

We look at the whole person when we employ law students, and we do not expect you to know everything from day one – but we do expect you to be ambitious, skilled and curious. We’re interested in recruiting both undergraduates and postgraduates of law or commercial law, and we look at who you are as a person and where you would best fit in based on your particular skill set. A student job at Bruun & Hjejle is a unique opportunity to try your hand at working for a leading law firm. We care for our student employees, and we want your employment here to build a solid foundation for a permanent position as an assistant attorney or a commercial law associate after you have finished your studies.

Flexible framework

At Bruun & Hjejle, we believe in putting your studies first. Students work about fifteen hours a week, except for holiday and exam periods, during which you will have time off to concentrate on your studies. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide how many hours you want to devote to your student job. We have got a positive attitude to student exchanges, and you will be able to retain your position at Bruun & Hjejle while studying abroad. As a token of our student support, you have the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to 50,000 kroner for your dissertation project, allowing you to concentrate fully on completing your dissertation.

Professional fields and tasks

As a student employee, you will be assigned to a specific department and tutor, but you will have the opportunity to work on tasks across many fields. Learn more about our various legal areas of expertise here.


As an undergraduate, you will be assigned to an experienced postgraduate student, assistant attorney or commercial law associate as your mentor and sounding-board to ensure that your learning is relevant and tailored to your needs. You will be completing different types of tasks for several of our business areas, giving you an insight into our different legal areas of expertise. Your tasks will include participating in due diligence investigations of companies or properties, preparing minutes of general meetings and minutes of board meetings, performing literature searches, assembling documentation and carrying out ad-hoc tasks in connection with disputes and investigation assignments, sometimes resulting in the drafting of memos.


As a postgraduate, you will be assigned to an assistant attorney or a junior attorney as your mentor and sounding-board to ensure that your learning is relevant and tailored to your needs. You will be placed in a quasi-assistant attorney or quasi-associate position and be assigned to one of our legal areas of expertise. You will be undertaking complex legal tasks together with a strong, carefully selected team, whose members have a passion for finding the right solution tailored specifically to each individual client. Your tasks will include legal investigations and assessments, case law searches, preparation of in-house and external legal memos, in-house and external presentations, case processing assistance and in some cases assistance in connection with the drafting of pleadings and contracts.

Strong team spirit

Bruun & Hjejle is known for its strong team spirit, which is particularly true of our team of student employees. Although you are assigned to a specific department, you will work at a student office together with other students who may be behind or ahead of you in their studies. This gives you amble opportunity for professional, collaborative interaction on tasks and study assignments in-house. Our student employees form a close-knit team, organising off- and on-duty social events, all making your time as a Bruun & Hjejle student employee one to remember.