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Health and well-being

Bruun & Hjejle was established in 2009 as a result of the merger between Jonas Bruun and Hjejle Gersted Mogensen with a shared a vision of uniting some of Denmark’s brightest legal minds in a unique law firm with a strong sense of community and focused on prioritising team before ego.

Having contented employees is a key priority at Bruun & Hjejle. Employee well-being creates work enjoyment and higher quality of life for the individual employee. Therefore, we have launched a number of initiatives to promote a high degree of well-being among our employees. 

Code of conduct and policy on offensive behaviour

We have prepared a code of conduct that charts a course and creates a foundation for the way we interact with one another and the way we collaborate in-house and with external parties. The purpose is to create a safe, respectful and inclusive working environment. 

In addition, we have prepared a policy on offensive behaviour aimed at preventing and defining guidelines for handling offensive behaviour, including bullying and sexual harassment. The guidelines are intended to contribute to a secure and, from a health perspective, safe working environment, in which all employees at Bruun & Hjejle thrive and feel safe. 

The inclusive workplace

An inclusive workplace does not come by itself. We work continuously to ensure a diverse workplace and an inclusive corporate culture at Bruun & Hjejle, and we take specific initiatives to support our efforts to achieve it. All of these initiatives combine to make up what we like to call our ethical infrastructure. This infrastructure covers, among other aspects, good form and behaviour to ensure a sense of safety, equality and respect for one another across the organisation all day and every day. 

We regularly hold courses for employees and managers in diversity, inclusion and bias-conscious management to avoid the classic pitfalls of decision patterns. We strive to minimise unconscious bias and instead welcome diversity in our organisation. In that way, we hope to create the best possible framework for employee well-being and innovative thinking. 


At Bruun & Hjejle, we regularly conduct a number of surveys to ensure a high degree of well-being among our employees. In addition to the annual written workplace assessment focused on the physical and psychological working environment, we perform ongoing management surveys, because we know how much management means for the well-being and performance of our employees. In addition, we regularly perform other surveys, including employee satisfaction surveys and corporate culture surveys, which are also intended to contribute to our continuing efforts to create a good working environment.