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News from B&H
16 March 2023

Bruun & Hjejle is to be found at the top of this year's rankings once again

Chambers has once again awarded Bruun & Hjejle great top positions in this year's rankings.

In the wake of Chambers Global, which in February ranked the world's best law firms, the European rankings have now been published. In both rankings, a large number of Bruun & Hjejle's departments are placed in the top categories, which underlines Bruun & Hjejle's position within complex transactions and disputes.

In addition, our department for construction has advanced to band 1 in Chambers Europe. This reflects our great focus and strength in this field, especially after Liv Helth Lauersen joined as a new partner last year.

Several of our partners maintain their prominent positions in the European rankings, and Søren Kopp also advance fully deservedly. The same goes for Jesper Schultz Larsen and Ole Spiermann.