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Attorney and commercial lawyer

At Bruun & Hjejle, we respect that we are all different. We see you as an individual, and we are dedicated to prioritising your career. We provide the setting for you to develop continuously at your own pace, but we also expect you to perform your duties as an attorney or a commercial lawyer independently and conscientiously when liaising with clients and handling large, complex cases.

As an attorney or commercial lawyer at Bruun & Hjejle, you will be working with a leading Danish law firm dedicated to undertaking large, complex cases. We focus on M&A, Dispute Resolution and Real Estate. These priorities make us among the best in our field, and they are your guarantee that you will be working with some of the legal profession’s brightest minds.

Your career path

At Bruun & Hjejle, we focus on you as a person. We embrace diversity, and we have long since acknowledged that no two careers are alike. We fully appreciate that a career is not just about training, specialising and taking the next steps on the career ladder. It is just as much about creating a balance that allows you to enjoy your work as well as everything else that life has to offer. A career at Bruun & Hjejle centres around your individual needs, wishes and your individual development. Regardless of where you are in your life, we have space for you.


At Bruun & Hjejle, we have designed a number of training programmes for assistant attorneys and commercial law associates, trained attorneys and commercial lawyers and partners alike.


We have tailored an in-house training programme called Orbit for partners, attorneys, commercial lawyers, assistant attorneys and commercial law associates. We continuously develop and adjust Orbit to make the training programme client-relevant and based on the ever-changing requirements of tomorrow’s attorneys or commercial lawyers. The law cannot stand alone, but should be viewed in a commercial perspective that takes into account the reality facing our clients. Focused on perfecting your non-legal skills concurrently with your legal skills, Orbit is designed to make our attorneys and commercial lawyers the very best advisers to our clients.

Learn more about Orbit here.

Commercial lawyer in the legal profession

Together with a number of other law firms that also have commercial lawyers on their payrolls, Bruun & Hjejle has designed a training programme tailored specifically to commercial lawyers working in the legal profession. The programme responds to a need to create a good basis for the activities of the commercial lawyers in the legal profession, as those who hold an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law do not have the opportunity to follow the training programme of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The programme, focused on basic legal skills, consists of six course modules and is offered once annually.

Learn more about the training programme for commercial laywers here.


As an attorney or commercial lawyer, you will gradually be trusted with more professional, managerial and commercial responsibility as and when you are ready. This may, for instance, involve HR or project management responsibilities. You will handle complex cases in teams and across different legal groups. Bruun & Hjejle does not have a billable hours requirement. It is more important to us that you use your resources prudently on cases that will ensure that you develop the right skills.

Our expectations

We expect you to work independently and conscientiously, meaning, among other things, that you are self-driven in your approach to handling a case, that you liaise directly with clients and that you take responsibility for your personal development. We expect you gradually to plan out and work towards your preferred career path and that you take a proactive approach to building your network. We also expect you to have courage, daring to advise our clients as to which way to go while standing firm on your integrity and professionalism. It is important that you are outgoing, enterprising and inquiring in your dealings with clients as well as a skilled collaborator within your team. We handle cases in teams and naturally expect you to be a team player.

We also expect you to be conscious of how you want to structure your everyday life and to communicate your needs and wishes to your leader. By communicating your needs, we can help to ensure that your work life is harmonised with your life outside of work.